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Kitchen Manager Vacancy

At Sunnyfields, food with provenance is at the heart of what we do; growing, processing and retailing. Sunnyfields is seeking a full-time team-member to fill a new role leading onsite food production and food-to-go retailing.

The key competences we are looking for is creativity, efficiency and team leadership. As Sunnyfields grows fruit and vegetables, has an inhouse butchery and farm shop, the person would be expected to look for opportunities to add value to items through processing. They would also be responsible for a converted shipping container food outlet which will be selling ice-cream, coffee, breakfasts etc 7 days a week.

The role would be a people manager role with at least two regular direct reports, though this would be expected to grow. Sunnyfields also has a growing onsite events business and the person will be expected to manage the operations to scale their team up to the appropriate level to meet demand.

Extensive kitchen and production experience are favoured, though the personality traits of the individual will have a strong weighting on our decision. Therefore, we don’t rule out someone with only a few years of experience if they can demonstrate the qualities required to drive this segment of Sunnyfields’ business through a growth period, with much of the processes needing to be set up for the first time.

If you would like to apply for the role, please email your CV along with 200 words of why you think you will be a good fit for the role to . If you have any clarification questions before you apply, please also feel free to send them to the same email.