Home Delivery Service

Home Delivery Service

Home delivery is the first service Sunnyfields offered and has been trading now since 1989. We offer a full home delivery service which offers all the products that we sell in the farm shop. Our main delivery areas are Hampshire and other select areas including parts of Dorset, Wiltshire and West Sussex.

Overview of the Home Delivery

You choose exactly what products you want to buy from our range of non-perishable produce, meat, wine and beer and fresh produce. The complete range is available on our web catalogue. We are totally flexible with quantities since each order is packed by hand. You can order 5 single tomatoes or 3.75 kilogrammes! Most items can be ordered in bulk and we will give you a discount of 5%. You can also add a comment on each item to help the packer for example “No substitutes”, “Ripe please”.

Next, send your order via the website, by phone, fax or email.. We will then confirm your order and the day of delivery. We will also confirm how you want to pay. Your order will then be delivered to you in one of our own vans.

Placing your order

You can place your order by phone, fax, post, email and online. For full information go to our home delivery and box scheme ordering page. To order online you must first register for online ordering.

Paying for your order

We accept VISA, Switch, Mastercard and Delta cards and cash(by prior agreement only) – sorry no cheques. Please note that Debit Cards are better for Sunnyfields costs than Credit Cards. For more details please see our home delivery and box scheme payment details page.

Receiving your order

We deliver all orders in our own vans at a similar time each week on the same day for each delivery area. For more information about deliveries, when to order, delivery schedules, new customer information and acting as a distributor please see our delivery information page.


We give a 5% discount on full cases of wholefoods and household products and a 10% discount on full boxes of fruit and vegetables.

Packing and delivery charge for full Home Delivery

The cost of operating such an extensive service means that if you are ordering items that are outside our Pick A Box scheme or our set veg boxes, we ask for a minimum order value of £25 and we charge a £3 packing charge for local deliveries.

Fruit & Vegetable Boxes and Pick A Box

If you order a veg box or Pick A Box items, then we ask for a £12 minimum order value. You can also buy off the extra’s list – This is then delivered FREE.

Standing orders and top up orders

We offer a standing order service where you can specify an order to be delivered every week or on a schedule that you specify, without you having to contact us each time. This saves your the bother of ordering each time and is very useful for staple foods such as bread and milk. There are no restrictions on changing your standing order as often as you like, and we will happily suspend it when you are away, for example, on holiday. Many customers have a standing order for their staple foods and then send us a ‘top up order’ for the extra produce they want. Again this saves you having to send us the same information every week and it saves us time as well. If you wish to set up a standing order or top up order please order in the usual way but make it clear that you wish to set up / change a standing order or that it is a top up order.

New Products and special diets

If we do not stock a product that you would like to purchase then please ask us and we will try to add it to our range. If this is not possible we will probably be able to get it on a special order basis. We have considerable experience in supplying products for special needs diets, especially those that require fresh organic vegetables in bulk quantities. If you have any questions about special dietary requirements or information on the suitability of our products please do not hesitate to ask us. If we do not have the information at our disposal we will do our utmost to track it down from our suppliers or the product manufacturer.

Unavailable items

We are nearly always successful in supplying the products you order. Unfortunately, shortages and quality problems do sometimes arise, in which case we will substitute with a similar product. If you do not wish us to substitute then please clearly indicate this when you place your order.

Mistakes and other problems

We do unfortunately make a rare packing mistake. If you do not receive what you ordered please let us know as soon as possible and we will correct it as soon as possible. If you have any other queries, such as problems with product quality or service then please do tell us and we will do everything possible in our powers to rectify your problem and make sure that it is not repeated. Customer feedback, both positive and negative are vital to help us improve our service to you.

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